Arboricultural Services

Keeping your trees, and your business or home, healthy

RJS Group offers a variety of arboricultural services – whether you’re obliged to preserve the functionality and safety of your site, or you just want to keep your forestry looking healthy and your grounds appearing green.

Our skilled specialists will work with you to advise and provide the best options for your business or home, depending on your unique needs, challenges and budget.

Tree surgery

Our tree-surgery solutions include crown services, dead wooding, pollarding, felling, forestry mulching and more.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is a challenging process due to the often deep-rooted nature of the root ball, which is generally four to 10 times the size of the tree. However, once it’s done, all traces of the tree are gone.

Stump grinding takes less time to perform, and doesn’t create a hole in the ground, but will leave a portion that must be left to rot.

Site clearance

We offer scrub removal, contract chipping, stump removal, rhododendron control, grounds maintenance and fencing – to name a few of our many services.

Logger cutting wood with chainsaw
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